Become a Trail Map Sponsor!

Later this summer, will be rolling out its new interactive trail map for PC and mobile devices. This new map will show trailheads, parking areas, and other infrastructure all overlaid on Google Maps.

In addition to points of interest, the map will also feature expanded listings for business who sponsor the trail. Your business will be identified on the map by name and one of five category icons (Food, Lodging, Shopping, Gas/Convenience, and ATM/Bank). When a user clicks on your icon, they will see a pop up with your physical address, links to your website and Facebook page, and a general description of your business. They will also have the option to “Get Directions” to your business through Google Maps.

The one-time cost for having your business included on the interactive map in perpetuity is $500. The only additional cost would be $75 if you wish to make later changes in the information in your pop-up. If you have any questions, please call Don Balcom, Campaign Manager at (802) 498-8356, Shane Prisby, LVRT Trail Manager at (802) 229-0005 x18 or send a message to    

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