Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail?

The LVRT is located on the right-of-way of the former St. Johnsbury and Lake Champlain Railroad. It extends in a northwesterly direction across Northern Vermont from St. Johnsbury to St. Albans; it passes through 18 communities.

How long is The LVRT?

The LVRT is 93 miles long; 33 miles are now open for year-around enjoyment.

What do LVRT section names mean?

Section 1A - St. Johnsbury to Danville
Section 1B - Morristown to Cambridge
Section 1C - Swanton to Sheldon
Section 2A - Sheldon to Cambridge
Section 2B - Morristown to Greensboro
Section 3 - Greensboro to Danville

Who is building The LVRT?

 In 2006 the Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans) established a partnership with VAST which was charged with managing the conversion of the trail. Private contractors are hired to do the construction work in accordance with the State and Federal guidelines. Former LVRT Project Manager on building the Trail.

How is the Trail being built?

Creating the LVRT is more of a renovation of a rail corridor rather than new construction. The project was planned as a three-phase conversion of the old rail line. It involves removing tracks and railroad ties where they still exist, repairing or replacing bridges and culverts and laying down a new surface suitable for walking, bicycling, cross-county skiing and other activities 

How much of the Trail is now open?

Section 1A (15.4 miles from St. Johnsbury to West Danville)  and Section 1B (17.4 miles from Morrisville to Jeffersonville) both opened in 2015.

Can I hold an event on the trail?

Absolutely! All events on the LVRT must obtain a no-cost Special Use Permit. Read more about it here.

How much will the trail cost?

More than $7 million has been spent on the project to date. A major portion of those costs was covered by a $5.2 million appropriation of Federal transportation funds secured by the State of Vermont, with $2 million in matching funds provided by VAST. 

 An additional $10-$15 million will be required to finish the project. We expect that the largest portion of this funding will come through the State of Vermont’s securing funds through the Federal Bicycle/Pedestrian Program. However, $3 million in private funding will be needed to meet a required match for public funding. That is why VAST is launching a capital campaign. 
More than 40 bridges, large and small will be replaced or while building the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail. 
 Your support will be recognized in sponsoring one or more bridges

When will the entire trail be completed?

Completion of the remaining four sections is dependent on the availability of construction funds and determination of what regulatory procedures will be required, including Act 250 review. Funding is in place for the work planned for this year. 

Here is our ideal timetable for completion, but it is dependent upon both VTrans funding and a successful Capital Campaign.
  • 2018 – Section 1C – Swanton to Sheldon (11.6 miles)
  • 2019 – Section 2A – Sheldon to Cambridge (18.4 miles)
  • 2020 – Section 2B – Morristown to Greensboro (19.5 miles)
  • 2021 – Section 3 – Greensboro to Danville (10.9 miles)

A stretch of the former rail line in Fletcher will be renovated in Phase 2 of the trail conversion

Who takes care of the trail?

Ongoing maintenance of the LVRT continues to be a high priority. Maintenance activities include cleaning ditches and drainage structures, mowing, removal of vegetation coming through the trail surface, removing downed trees and branches in the trail path, grooming in the winter after snowfall, checking bridges and maintaining signage. 

 Both VAST staff and many volunteers from communities along the Trail participate in these activities. 

Where do I park?

  • St. Johnsbury -543 Main Street – Trail Head at beginning of LVRT
  • Danville – Marty’s 1st Stop on Rt 2, just east of the village
  • West Danville – Joe’s Pond Beach, just west of Rt 2/Rt15 intersection
  • Morrisville – Oxbow Park
  • Hyde Park – Main Street and Depot Street
  • Johnson – Old Mill Park
  • Johnson – Long Trail parking area about 2 miles west of the village
  • Cambridge – Trailhead and parking, approximately 1 mile from downtown via Greenway Trail, Rt 15 and Rt 108
  • Cambridge – Cambridge Community Center trailhead on Old Main St.

What is the relationship between the LVRT and the Friends of the LVRT?

 The LVRT is a joint venture of of the Vermont Association of Snow Travelers (VAST), a non-profit 501©(3) organization and the Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans) established to convert the abandoned railroad corridor to a four-season multi-purpose recreation pathway. Friends of the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail (FLVRT) is an independent 501©(3) organization begun in 2006. It is one of the partner organizations named in the Management Plan for the LVRT that help ensure success of the LVRT. FLVRT has focused on Trail amenities such as trail maps, information kiosks at trailheads, signage and benches, as well as organizing volunteer trail maintenance work crews. 

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