Donor Honor Roll

Donor Honor Roll

This list includes all donors to the LVRT since May 1, 2016.
Thank you to all the generous donors who make this trail possible!

Gary Allen
George and Judy Anderson
Jean Archibald
Sally Austin
Donald Balcom
John Banks
Carolyn and William Barnes
Philip Barra and Susan Erisman
Inger and George J. Baxter, Jr.
David Beatty
Marcia Bellas and Rick West
Martha Benoit
Donald P. Blake, Jr.
Eileen Boland
Linda Brady
John Bronner
Sandra Buck
Ralph and Lenore Budd
Elizabeth Bushueff
James Busiere
John Cantrill
Caplan's Army Store
Kenneth Carpenter
David Cawley
Anne Chase and Lynn Troy
Cheryl Chesley
Stan and Joan Choiniere
Fred and Joyce Churchill
Concept 2 Rowing
Patricia Coultas
Kenneth Cousineau
Chris and Carol Crothers
Gordon Davis
Lori and Greg Dexter
George Diller
Francis Dolan
Keith Ericson
Carl and Barbara Esser
Catherine L. and Joseph E. Frank
Traudl and Roger B. Frey, Jr.
Marcel Gamache
Neil Gerdes
Alexandra Gerson
Kenneth Gibbons
Geraldine Gilman
Jeff Gold
Stephen and Marion Gray
Ellen Hagman
Mary Hamlin
Beth Hardin
Carol A. Hardy
Betsy Harper

Roger and Diane Haskins
David Hathaway
Albert Hebert
Timothy Ryan Hebert
Daniel Hellerman
Kim And Simon Hillier
Peggy Hirsch
Jane Hoffman
Sarah Hoffman
Kimball House B & B
Joyce Holsten
Greg Hostetler
Jacqueline Hughes and Robert Bent
Douglas Hyde
Robert and Martha Ide
Jean Jenkauskas
Lynn Jennings
Jeffrey Johnson
Marcus Kaipolites
Marsha Kameron
Amy Kelsey
Jay Kimberley
Linus and Judith Kinner
Michael Kiser
Jane Kitchel
Robert and Anne Knisley
John Lague
Donna Lambert and Dan Schmiech
Thomas and Marie Lamoureux
Raymond Larose
Judy Lavely
Anea Lelong
Ken Libertoff
Lawrence Logan
Chuck Long
Robert D. Longe
Michael and Sheila Jean Lowe
Laird Macdowell
Lamoille Economic Development Corporation
Ron Manganiello
Doug and Klaire Martin
Bruce and Donna Melendy
Robert Menthe
Richard Michaud
Keith Milne
Alison Moll
Thomas Montalbine
Thomas Moore
Donald E. Mueller
Gary Parker
Tina and Tim Pearson
Bonnie Pease

Holly Pedrini
Laura Pelosi
Dorothea Penar
Kevin Pendagast
Chuck and Christine Pepe
Elke Pinn
Angelo Pizzagalli and Lynn Miles
Deborah Pomeroy
Patrick and Starr Poulin
Terry and Ann Powers
Frank Pratt
Jim Raas
Mary Ragno
John and Deborah Richey
William J. Rivard
Alan Robertson
Patrick Robins
Bette and Phil Rochette
Allan and Margaret Rodgers
Stephen and Miriam Rosenbloom
Laural and Tim Ruggles
Carolyn Ruschp and Walter Levering, Jr.
Timothy Russell
Diane and Donald Sherwood, Jr.
Michael Simeone
Allan Sirotkin
Beth Spaulding
Rebecca Grannis and S. Chapin Spencer
Robert Stein
James B. Stewart
Anthony Sykes
David and Martha Talbot
Suzanne and Timothy Tanner
Julie Theoret
Aimee Towne
John Vanalphen
Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTRANS)
W. Vigdor
William Vinton
George Von Trapp
Union Mutual Fire Insurance Company
Max Wax-Krell
Pat and Mike Weisel
Nat Welch
Bill Westermann
Sen. Richard Westman
Bob White
Patricia and Sherman White
Dorothy Wilson
Marc Wolff
Daniel and Mary Wyand
Barb Zander and Dennis Casey
Mike Zheutlin

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